Check out the heavenly ‘Life Goes On’ Music Video

Check out this AMAZING review from Stereo Stickman.

Life Goes On is an existential dive into the lonely mind of Drake the Robot. With no master and no mission, he is compelled only by mystical signs and angelic siren calls, pulling him further and further into the wilderness. Break The Robot’s hard-hitting lyrics and powerful melodies act as a passionate backdrop for our heroic, soul-searching man-of-metal. “But it’s in this song, someday, maybe, baby, life goes on”; draws parallels between Drake’s hardships and our own.

His perilous journey makes us all question our own existence and struggles, bringing hope to the modern world, as even a robot… can earn his wings.

Follow the story of Drake as he wanders the desert, meets a familiar angel, and comes to terms with how no matter what, Life Goes On.   Check it out below!