Jennifer Taber (Vocals/Vocoder)

No robot would be complete without the ability to talk, and Ms. Taber likes to do her share of it as the robot’s collective voice. Her extraordinary sound and ability to mix and blend with others is Break the Robot. Jen started out in theatre (regional, touring) and continues to lend her vocal prowess in commercial voice-over work (regional, national). After a couple left turns when she should have gone right – directions aren’t really her thing – Jen eventually found her way to the rock-n-roll stage where she’s been fronting TIC and inciting standing ovations and riots since 2010. Jen would like to gather everyone around and celebrate the release of this original project with some delicious cake. She is a self-proclaimed cat lady and in lives in Phoenix with a human man.

Alexandra Ncube (Vocals/Sensors)

Alex fills the void of the robot’s soul. She deeply feels the energy of the universe and is passionate about mental health through self-care. Her raw-emotion is felt throughout the spiritual and soulful range of her powerful vibrato and unparalleled vocal talent. Alex got her start in the industry on the musical theatre circuit (regional, national tour, London’s West End). After a hiatus with The Instant Classics, she has returned and joined forces with both TIC and Break the Robot, delivering some of the most heartfelt tracks on the new BTR album. Alex feels an abundance of gratitude to be home amongst family and friends as she and her husband raise their stunning, adorable daughter together. There is nothing as powerful as mother’s love, and nothing as healing as a child’s soul.

Sean Mullaney (Vocals/Guitar/Actuator)

Sean is full of peace and love. Naturally, he is the heart of the robot. He began his career in theatre (regional), and television commercials (national) but is most at-home when wailing into the mic. Sean emulates the vocal stylings of Robert Plant and embodies the royalty of Prince himself all wrapped up into one good-time, fun-lovin cat, and he can play a guitar just like a-ringin’ a bell. Sean’s been fronting TIC off and on since 2011, and with this latest record from BTR, he’s back for good showcasing some mad rap-skills. Sean’s beautiful one-year-old daughter keeps him anchored down these days, but this daddy wouldn’t have it any other way. She is his sun, moon, and stars, and his lovely wife is their everything.

Gene Best (Vocals and Guitar/Metacognition)

Confucius say, “Be aroused by poetry; structure yourself by propriety, and refine yourself with music.” As the robot’s conscious mind, Gene is the in-house philosopher. He brings a sense of je ne sais quoi to the group, along with a righteous set of pipes and the ability to strum a mean set. As a lifelong music enthusiast, he went pro as a front-man with The Instant Classics in 2016 and boasts years of experience behind the scenes at a high-stakes production company. Gene’s worked with some of the top names in the biz but is enraptured by this new sound of BTR. He finds himself in a feverish pitch over bringing it to the masses.

Todd Middleman (Bass, Music and Lyrics/Central Processing Unit)

Todd is the brains of the robot. As the man behind the curtain he conceived, created and brought to life this original project. In addition, he is the founder and leader of The Instant Classics and has enjoyed a long, successful career in the music industry as the bassist for various projects and chart-topping artists. Todd also likes hats and long walks on the beach.

Brian Martin, aka Tasty B (Lead Guitar/Computational Humorist)

Do. You. Think. That’s. Funny?! As the amateur comedian in residence, it’s only fitting that Tasty B controls the robot’s HAHA program. However, he’s known not only for his witty repartee and razor-sharp humor but for his awe-inspiring and love-inducing ability to shred an axe, as well as some super cool pants. In the words of his idol the great Larry David, “I’m a walking, talking enigma. We’re a dying breed.” In Tasty’s off-time he can be found walking his Chiweenie, little Gary Dell’Abate, and running from javelinas.

Ryan Baker (Drums/Motor)

Ryan keeps the beat from his throne. As the robot’s metronome, he enjoys the occasional solid chop or a classic paradiddle. Ryan joined TIC in 2012 and has been groovin’ along ever since. He has an overwhelming surplus of diggity about making his mark with this new music in BTR. When not on stage Ryan can be found hanging out with his greatest accomplishment, his son, the light and love of his life, or with a good juice in hand. 

Drake (The Sum of All Parts)

So, have you been paying attention? If you have then this should come as no shock. If you haven’t, well then you’ve failed the first part of the test. Return to the “About” section and be sure to read. Every. Single. Line. No skimming. Now, for all you A+ robot killers, you’ve earned the right to meet the one, the only, Drake the Robot. He is the best part of each of us, brought together by an idea, formed out of love, friendship, and a lot of reefer. The ladies of the band physically put him together with their own blood, sweat, and swagger. You’ll see. So next time you are at a show, be sure to say, “Hello!” to our pal Drake. You’ll be getting a little piece of each of us.