Sean Mullaney (Vocals/Guitar)

Sean is full of peace and love. Naturally, he is the heart of the robot, as he writes and fronts the band. Sean’s beautiful three-year-old daughter keeps him busy these days, but this daddy wouldn’t have it any other way. She is his sun, moon, and stars, and his lovely wife is their everything.

Todd Middleman (Bass, Backing Vocals)

Todd is a bassist, he’s a songwriter, and he’s the is the founder of this band and also The Instant Classics. Todd has enjoyed a long, successful career in the music industry as the bassist for various projects and chart-topping artists. He also likes hats and long walks on the beach.

Brian Martin, aka Tasty B (Lead Guitar)

Brian Martin is the lead guitarist and resident funny man of both Break the Robot and popular event band, The Instant Classics. In the words of his idol the great Larry David, “I’m a walking, talking enigma. We’re a dying breed.” In Tasty’s off-time he can be found walking his Chiweenie, little Gary Dell’Abate, and running from javelinas.

Drake (The Robot)

So, have you been paying attention? If you have then this should come as no shock. If you haven’t, well then you’ve failed the first part of the test. Return to the “About” section and be sure to read. Every. Single. Line. No skimming. Now, for all you A+ robot killers, you’ve earned the right to meet the one, the only, Drake the Robot. He is the best part of each of us, brought together by an idea, formed out of love, friendship, and a lot of reefer. Sirens physically put him together with their own blood, sweat, and song. So next time you are at a show, be sure to say, “Hello!” to our pal Drake. You’ll be getting a little piece of each of us.