Break the Robot is an Alt Reggae Rock band based in Phoenix, AZ. Comprised of members from The Instant Classics, one of the top cover bands in Arizona, this original project takes influences from such a wide variety of artists it’s as if Sublime, Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, John Denver, No Doubt, and Rebelution were stirred in an enormous cauldron-like melting pot.

The concept of ‘Break the Robot’ stems from breaking rules and stereotypes in our society, which is reflected in their genre-bending music. It is also a warning of our dependency on technology.

Being in The Instant Classics for over 12 years they have over 300 covers prepared and more than 400 events under their belt. In fact, every week they do ‘live band karaoke’ where an attendee can pick from a list of songs and then perform with the band.