Are you ready to Break the Robot? Good. You’ve come to the right place. Our band, Break the Robot, is for you. It’s our tribute to you. We recognize that everyone is working to break the robot in their own way, and so we salute you with our music.

We fuse a variety of musical styles and genres, mainly influenced by the rock scene in the 90s and whiskey, to bring to you a different, unique sound in today’s musical landscape.

“(…)you’re likely to find yourself looking up tour dates and venues – that live sound is sure to be something special.”

– Stereo Stickman

“There’s something perverse and inviting about the sound of the group, like someone with unmatching shoes asking you up for dinner when you haven’t had a bite in days. It follows in the great rocking tradition of bringing excellent melodies and a genuine sense of weirdness together. “

-Alt 77

So welcome, robot killers, and enjoy our site. Be sure to check out our schedule and subscribe, so you never miss a live show. Besides, our pal Drake would love to meet you.